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At the I Istanbul Design Biennial!

By: Vibok Works01/11/2012At the I Istanbul Design Biennial!
Tags: ExhibitionsPhoto: © Ethel Baraona Pohl

We start the week with very good news.... Collective Architecture Book has been sellected to be exhibited at the ambulant library curated by Ethel Baraona Pohl for the I Istambul Design Biennial.

The Library is part of the Adhocracy program, curated by Joseph Grima. Grima proposes a new perspective about design: "Making things, designing, is not usually defined as a political activity. Yet to create something—from an immaterial network to a very material city—is to interrogate oneself as to the value of labour, the nature of intellectual property, the ethics of consumption, the limits of technique, the order of power. Design is an act of observing, internalising, questioning and rethinking the prescribed responses to these queries, and thereby giving form to everyday life and collective space".

This exhibition argues that rather than the closed object, the maximum expression of design today is the process—the activation of open systems, tools that shape society by enabling self-organisation, platforms of collaboration independent of the capitalist model of competition, and empowering networks of production.

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