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Agustín Fernández Mallo, guest author in Missbehave.

By: Vibok Works18/03/2013Agustín Fernández Mallo,  guest author in Missbehave.

We are pleased to announce that the writter Agustín Fernández Mallo will contribute with a text in the book Missbehave. We are very enthusiastic about this collaboration, which will result in a trasndisciplinar book.

As you probably know, the book Missbehave is dedicated to the series Big Exit and Ostalgia of the artist and photographer Simona Rota. The assemblage of this two works into a single book raises inevitable confrontation between seemingly divergent conditios: personal vs collective, domestic vs urban, inhabited vs abandoned agoraphobia vs claustrophobia, fiction vs documentation, etc. However a closer glance may reveal identical concerns; one of then is the relation between creativity and power: that is the line of research that the edition will cultivate.

Please find out more about Missbehave here.

SIMONA ROTA studied Political Sciences in Bucharest and Barcelona and professional photography in Madrid, where she currently resides. In 2009 she received the Award of Photography organized by the Architecture Centre of Vienna (AzW) and in 2010 she was commissioned by this latter to document modern architecture in the former Soviet republics. Finalist in the IV Prize of Fine Arts of the Foundation Maria José Jove (2010) and the Prize Emergent of the Foundation Sorigué (2010). In 2011, Rota received several awards at the portfolio review Festival Emergent - Pati of Llotja in Lleida. In 2012, she was a finalist at PHotoEspaña Descubrimientos and shortlisted at the Purificación Garcia Biennial Award. Her works have been exhibited, among others, at the Museum of Modern Art of Medellín (Puntos de Fuga, Colombia 2010), at the Museum of Architecture in Vienna (Austria, Balkanology 2009, Soviet Modernism 2012), the Sevastopol Art Museum (Disputed Territory, Ukraine 2012), the Graz Stadtmuseum (Eyes on the City, Austria 2012), the Biennale Fotonoviembre (Atlantica Colectivas, Tenerife 2011), the Festival SCAN (Talent Latent, 2012), at Vienna Art Week (Predicting Memories, Austria 2012), ROOM Art Fair (Deal Art Project, Madrid 2012), the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Arte40, 2012), and the galleries Valid Foto, the Private Space and Escalera de Incendios (Barcelona, 2012). 

AGUSTÍN FERNÁNDEZ MALLO (La Coruña-Spain, 1967) has a bachelor's degree in Physical Sciences. In 2000, the term Post-poetic Poetry reached its height making connections between literature and sciences, which is reflected in Yo siempre regreso a los pezones y al punto 7 del Tractatus (2001), Creta lateral Travelling (2004), Premio Café Món and the book of poems and performance of Joan Fontaine Odisea [mi deconstrucción] (2005). In 2007 he was awarded with the City of Burgos Award for poetry for his book Carne de Píxel. His book, Postpoesía, hacia un nuevo paradigma, has been a finalist for the Anagram of Essay Award in 2009. In 2006, Mallo published his first novel, Nocilla Dream, which was selected by Quimera magazine as the best novel of the year, by El Cultural de El Mundo as one of the best ten, and in 2009 it was chosen by critics as the 4th most important Spanish novel in the decade. Both critics and the general public have agreed with amazement in what his novel trilogy is doing for Spanish literature. The second novel, Nocilla Experience has received awards for best book of the year in 2009, and the last, Nocilla Lab, has been chosen by critics of the cultural section of El País, Babelia as the third best novel in Spanish in 2009.



Title: Missbehave

Author: Simona Rota, Agustín Fernández Mallo

Editor: Paula Álvarez

Publisher: Vibok Works, EKTAS collection

Launch: 30 | 05 | 2013

ISBN: 978-84-939058-9-7 Pages: 64

Size: 14x22 cm (width·height)

Images: Color

Language: English/Spanish

Goal: Limited Edition of 360 copies

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