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Call for Papers: Disobedience!

By: Vibok Works19/09/2013Call for Papers: Disobedience!
Tags: CollaborationsPhoto: © 2013 HipoTesis

Vibok Works and HipoTesis in collaboration with brazilian architect Natacha Rena are working in next issue of HipoTesis. We encourage you to submit independent reflections of 370 words on the topic “Disobedience”. 

Instead of an introductory text, we have decided to create a glossary of key words that triggers thoughts on this theme. Disobedience: Civil, pedagogical, political, radical, domestic, subjective, spatial, active, productive, advanced, critical, projective, multitudinous, minoritarian, indisciplinar, scheduled, resilient, creative, tactful, cheerful, biopolitical, hegemonic, redefined, democratic, performative, autonomous, anarchic, spontaneous, lively, interrogative, to the movement of the world, reflective, philosophical, unprejudiced, emancipating, personal, transgressive, loyal, incursive, marginal majoritarian, fair, unfair, indifferent. Looking forward to your thoughts!

Steps: To learn more on the special performance of "HipoTesis Alphabetical Series" and its style guide visit: Take part.

This issue will be published in Spanish + English + Portuguese. 

Contributions extent: 370 words

Deadline: 20th November. 


About HipoTesis:

ISSN: 1989-8576


Editorial Boa​r​d: Atxu Amann, Carlos Tapia, Eduardo Serrano, José Manuel Martínez, Mar Loren, Rafael de Lacour.

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