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Missbehave: Simona Rota. Book launch & exhibition openeing in Seville.

By: Vibok Works07/07/2013Missbehave: Simona Rota. Book launch & exhibition openeing in Seville.
Tags: ExhibitionsPhoto: Opening at Lugadero © Pics by Lugadero.

Last July 5th we presented the book Missbehave by Simona Rota coinciding with the opening of the crossed-exhibition dedicated to BIG Exit & Ostalgia seires. The event was a big success!

We would firstly like to thank Un Gato en Bicicleta and Lugadero his dedicated work for hosting and organizing the event and, above all, to Simona Rota, her presence in this special day. We were very fortunate to have her intervention in both scenarios, and the opportunity to exchange questions and answers about her work, with great detailing.

We would also like to thank all those who attended the crossed event. We hope you enjoyed it and we invite you to visit Missbehave again anytime. We recall that Ostalgia, located in Lugadero (Correduría, 5), will be on display until August 8th, while Big Exit, in Un Gato en Bicicleta (Regina, 8), will run until September 7th. The book is avaliable in both libraries as well as in Vibok Works site: click here.

We hope you enjoy the exhibition and the book, and we would like to ask for your opinions. 

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