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Vibok Works collaborates in the book Diagonal Verda

By: Vibok Works04/09/2013Vibok Works collaborates in the book Diagonal Verda

We want to share with you one of our recent collaborations with educational projects, the publishing works done for the book DIAGONAL VERDA, edited by ESARQ-UIC. The book covers the work held during the academic year 2012-2013 in the project workshops of students from the last year, whose teachers are Jordi Badia and Miquel Lacasta and accompanies the exhibition with the same name held at the DHub, Barcelona. Vibok Works led the production design and its management, as well as consulting the concept and the project related with the edition.

The DIAGONAL VERDA is a concept that belongs from the future Parc del Cami Comtal, becoming aware of its large scale and geometry over the city and extends it as takes advantage of the gaps and the existing green spaces such as the Parc de la Ciutadella, to build a large green axis that completely crosses the city and connects the Collserola mountain to the sea.

We are pleased to collaborate on this project, for both the quality and the proposed concept in the teaching program as for the effort to communicate the work of students and teachers. Especially in difficult times for the profession, they are very worthwhile the projects looking out beyond the classrooms and emerging socially and culturally. Therefore we would like to congratulate DIAGONAL VERDA team for its effort and energy. We hope to have the occasion to put our two cents in projects like this again.

Teaching team: Jordi Badia, Miquel Lacasta, Jaime Batlle, Eva Damiá, Marta Garcia Orte. Graphic Design: Albert and Albert Barrigó Romagosa. Editorial advice, management and production design and proofreading: Vibok Works.

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