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Windy Colors

By: Paula Álvarez07/02/2013Windy Colors
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We are happy to open Missbehave Diary with a snapshot that brings me lots of good memories. I took this pic  at a cafe last September in Madrid during my second meeting with Simona Rota. It was our first live work session and we had  books and notebooks all over the table. We interchanged impressions while enjoying a delicious fruit juice.

It was in this meeting that Simona proposed to assemblage Ostalgia and Big Exit in a single book. It was the key point to set the edition into motion!

On that occasion I had the lucky chance of enjoying an impressive art print of the Ostalgia serie. Simona uses to keep her photographies in wondrous boxes which color are as elusive and vague as a loose shadow. You couldn´t say if the tone was grey, blue or greenish: it just resisted to be captured. I loved the curious name that Simona gave to this sort of tones: "windy colours". I think this name somehow is suggesting how undetermination and ambivalence can work as an invitation to imagine, how the lack of definition can be productive. And, indeed, this is something that has a lot to do with Simona's work. 

I really would like to encourage you to help us bring this editorial project come true. But overall I would like to animate anyone interested in Photography to get Missbehave. In fact I'd want everybody to enjoy this book, because it's truly something I wouldn´t let skip :-)

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