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Unface Book project in the 2nd. Istanbul Biennial

By: Vibok Works30/07/2014Unface Book project in the 2nd. Istanbul Biennial

Thrilled to announce that Vibok Works' experimental publishing project Unface Book has been selected to be exhibited at the 2nd. Istanbul Design Biennial, curated by Zoë Ryan, Chair and Curator of Architecture and Design in The Art Institute of Chicago. Open between Nov. 1 and Dec. 14, the main venue of the design biennial will be the Galata Greek Primary School, and will exhibit 53 projects from 200 designers from two dozen countries. 

Under the title is “The Future is not What it Used to be”, this second biennial invites designers to rethink the manifesto, harnessing this powerful and fertile genre as a platform for criticality in design. Reinvented as an action, a service, a provocation, or an objetc, the menifesto might have new potentials for generating inventive outcomes that open questions about the role and state of design. 

We would gladly like to thank all the participants who have generously given life to this project along the past two years. What we're working on is not going to be a regular book. Hope you enjoy the outcome!

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