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HipoTesis Q: "Desobediencias" in COLAPSO / La Casa Encendida

By: Vibok Works23/04/2015HipoTesis Q: "Desobediencias" in COLAPSO / La Casa Encendida
Tags: CollaborationsPhoto: Pablo Limón / Libros Mutantes

HipoTesis Q: "Desobediencias" —a collaboration between Hipo HipoTesisVibok Works and Antropoloops— has been selected to be exhibited at La Casa Encendida, as part of COLAPSO, "First meeting of independent publications on architecture", launched by PAPER / Architectural Histamine for the 6th edition of the Madrid Art Book Fair Libros Mutantes, held at La Casa Encendida from 24 to 26 April 2015.

HipoTesis is an experimental and thematical publication conceived in late 2009 by Fernando Nieto, Katerina Psegiannaki and Francisco Triviño with a singular editorial protocol: 15 sellected participants are required to contribute with a text plus 4 commenatries four of the texts of other contributors exploring the same topic than them. In exchange their text will be also discussed by other four contributors. 

HipoTesis Q"Desobediencias" is an special issue in which Vibok Works had the pleasure to collaborate. We invited the contributors to propose a song that resumes their thoughts. Rubén Alonso Mallén form Antropoloops created this fantastic music collage using a selection of them. As introduction to the issue, Paula V. Álvarez made a collage story mixing fragments of the comentaries authors made on other author's pieces.

COLAPSO is a showcase to celebrate the growing emergence of new formats and independent platforms for architectural thinking, as an alternative to the established architectural press, which help to generate a parallel and heterogeneous scenario open to new forms of research and criticism. So glad to be part of it! 

Come and enjoy it if you are lucky enough to be around!


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