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HipoTesis Q: "Desobediencias" selected to be exhibited in COLAPSO

By: Vibok Works23/04/2015HipoTesis Q: "Desobediencias" in COLAPSO / La Casa Encendida
Tags: CollaborationsPhoto: Pablo Limón / Libros Mutantes
HipoTesis Q: "Desobediencias" —a collaboration between Hipo HipoTesis, Vibok Works and Antropoloops— has been selected to be exhibited at La Casa Encendida, as part of COLAPSO, "First meeting of independent publications on architecture", launched by PAPER / Architectural Histamine for the 6th edition of the Madrid Art Book Fair Libros Mutantes, held at La Casa Encendida from ...Read more

Interactive Geographies

By: Vibok Works24/07/2014Interactive Geographies: a book in collaboration with the EsArq-UIC, Barcelona
Tags: CollaborationsPhoto: Vibok Works
We are glad to share with you one of our latest collaborations, "Interactive Geographies: Productive Landscapes in the metropolitan Area of Barcelona", a book comissioned by the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura of Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (ESARQ-UIC).  "Interactive Geographies" is dedicated to the Final projects developed ...Read more

Critic|all International Conference

By: Vibok Works14/10/2013Critic|all I International Conference on Architectural Design & Criticism
We are happy to anounce the I International Critic|all Conference launchment, that will be held at the ETSAM on the 12th, 13th and 14th June 2014. Paula V. Álvarez, header of Vibok Works, is a member of the Conference Scientific Commettee. Trying to go beyond debates ...Read more

Call for Papers: Disobedience!

By: Vibok Works19/09/2013Call for Papers: Disobedience!
Tags: CollaborationsPhoto: © 2013 HipoTesis
Vibok Works and HipoTesis in collaboration with brazilian architect Natacha Rena are working in next issue of HipoTesis. We encourage you to submit independent reflections of 370 words on the topic “Disobedience”.  Instead of an introductory text, we have decided to create a glossary of key words that triggers ...Read more

Vibok Works collaborates in the book Diagonal Verda

By: Vibok Works04/09/2013Vibok Works collaborates in the book Diagonal Verda
We want to share with you one of our recent collaborations with educational projects, the publishing works done for the book DIAGONAL VERDA, edited by ESARQ-UIC. The book covers the work held during the academic year 2012-2013 in the project workshops of students from the ...Read more

"Passable Orographies" Workshop-Encounter at the AAAB

By: Vibok Works24/04/2013"Passable Orographies" Workshop-Encounter / AAAB
Tags: CollaborationsPhoto: Ricardo Devesa / Francisco Leiva.
Last week we celebrated the "Passable Orographies" Workshop-Encounter at the Agencia de Apoyo a la Arquitectura in Barcelona, in order to "fabricate" the book dedicated to Grupo Aranea. Organized by Ricardo Devesa, the session focused on the topics of environment and landscape in the work of Aranea. ...Read more

Agustín Fernández Mallo,
guest author in Missbehave.

By: Vibok Works18/03/2013Agustín Fernández Mallo,  guest author in Missbehave.
We are pleased to announce that the writter Agustín Fernández Mallo will contribute with a text in the book Missbehave. We are very enthusiastic about this collaboration, which will result in a trasndisciplinar book. As you probably know, the book Missbehave is dedicated to the ...Read more

A conversation with Saskia Sassen // Paula Alvarez

By: Vibok Works12/03/2013A conversation with Saskia Sassen // Paula Alvarez
Tags: CollaborationsPhoto: Saskia Sassen
We are pleased to share this fragment of the conversation between Saskia Sassen and Paula Álvarez, included in the chapter 'The Wishes' of the book Collective Architectures published by Vibok Works, 2010. © CC-BY-NC-ND 3.0.   Paula Alvarez: You have mentioned that certain projects exercise political power ...Read more