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Vibok Works in "Architecture Set", Mostra Espanha 2015

By: Vibok Works01/10/2015Vibok Works in Mostra Espanha 2015
Tags: ExhibitionsPhoto: Mediomundo Arquitectos
A selection of our works will be exhibited this autumm in Mostra Espaha as part of the program "Architecture Set", curated by Marta Pelegrin + Fernando Pérez / Mediomundo Arquitectos. Design processes, construction and use are set and laid out at the Architecture Department of ...Read more

Vibok Works projects in exhibition at the CAAC

By: Vibok Works07/11/2014Vibok Works projects in exhibition at the CAAC
Tags: ExhibitionsPhoto: Imágenes cortesía de Mediomundo Arquitectos y Kauh Arquitectos.
From 16th october to 2nd November Vibok Works projects will be exhibited at the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo (Andalussian Contemporary Art Center) as part of the program "Arquitectura Dispuesta: Preposiciones Cotidianas" curated by Marta Pelegrin + Fernando Pérez from Mediomundo Arquitectos, and that brings together a series of conferences, workshops ...Read more

Unface Book project selected for the the 2nd. Istanbul Biennial

By: Vibok Works30/07/2014Unface Book project in the 2nd. Istanbul Biennial
Thrilled to announce that Vibok Works' experimental publishing project Unface Book has been selected to be exhibited at the 2nd. Istanbul Design Biennial, curated by Zoë Ryan, Chair and Curator of Architecture and Design in The Art Institute of Chicago. Open between Nov. 1 and Dec. 14, ...Read more

Missbehave: Simona Rota. Book launch & exhibition openeing in Seville

By: Vibok Works07/07/2013Missbehave: Simona Rota. Book launch & exhibition openeing in Seville.
Tags: ExhibitionsPhoto: Opening at Lugadero © Pics by Lugadero.
Last July 5th we presented the book Missbehave by Simona Rota coinciding with the opening of the crossed-exhibition dedicated to BIG Exit & Ostalgia seires. The event was a big success! We would firstly like to thank Un Gato en Bicicleta and Lugadero his dedicated work for hosting and organizing the ...Read more

At the I Istanbul Design Biennial!

By: Vibok Works01/11/2012At the I Istanbul Design Biennial!
Tags: ExhibitionsPhoto: © Ethel Baraona Pohl
We start the week with very good news.... Collective Architecture Book has been sellected to be exhibited at the ambulant library curated by Ethel Baraona Pohl for the I Istambul Design Biennial. The Library is part of the Adhocracy program, curated by Joseph Grima. Grima ...Read more

At the XVIII Arte Paiz Biennial, Guatemala

By: Vibok Works05/06/2012At the XVIII Arte Paiz Biennial, Guatemala
Tags: ExhibitionsPhoto: © Recetas Urbanas
We will be exhibiting in the Arte Paiz Biennial in Guatemala till the end of July. On this occasion, the Biennial is expanding into sound art and proposes a dialog with literature, at the same time highlighting the educational and formative function of the biennial ...Read more

Vibok Works at Becoming Minor, Guimares

By: Vibok Works01/06/2012Vibok Works at Becoming Minor, Guimares
Tags: ExhibitionsPhoto: © Jose Luis Uribe Ortiz
Vibok Works will be exhibiting Collective Architectures at Devir Menor in Guimaraes, Porto. the exhibition explores projects sensitive to the specificity of contextual conditions, often using other tactics to the traditional methodology of architecture and making a social and economic operative critique, committed on transformation and ...Read more