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Interview with Jack Self / Fulcrum

By: Vibok Works27/02/2014Editor Talks/ Space Matters: Interview with Fulcrum's editor Jack Self
Tags: Editor Talks, Fanzines, Space MattersPhoto: All pics courtesy of Jack Self.
Fulcrum is a free architectural publication founded in 2011 by Graham Baldwin, Aram Mooradian and Jack Self, as a circular printed on Bedford Press at the Architectural Association. With a vertiginous weekly frequency, the publication is read by more than six thousand people around the world. ...Read more

Interview with Cruz Garcia & Nathalie Frankowski / WAI ThinkTank

By: Vibok Works12/08/2013Editor Talks Series / Webzines and fanzies: Garcia Frankowski's Interview
Tags: Editor Talks, Fanzines, WebzinesPhoto: © Garcia Frankowski
Garcia Frankowski is a creative practice formed by Cruz García (San Juan, 1983), architect, artist and writer from Puerto Rico graduated by the University of Puerto Rico, and Nathalie Frankowski (Dundee, 1985), architect, poetess and artist graduated by the Ecole French Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture of ...Read more