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Unface Book project selected for the the 2nd. Istanbul Biennial

By: Vibok Works30/07/2014Unface Book project in the 2nd. Istanbul Biennial
Thrilled to announce that Vibok Works' experimental publishing project Unface Book has been selected to be exhibited at the 2nd. Istanbul Design Biennial, curated by Zoë Ryan, Chair and Curator of Architecture and Design in The Art Institute of Chicago. Open between Nov. 1 and Dec. 14, ...Read more

Books have guts!

By: Vibok Works03/10/2013Books have guts!
Tags: WorksPhoto: © Simona Rota
'Missbehave' is dedicated to the underground ties between ‘Ostalgia’ and ‘Big Exit’ series by photographer Simona Rota. While ‘Ostalgia’ evokes the effects of monumental buildings and infrastructures subtly displayed in soviet cities as political propaganda, ‘Big Exit’ talks about the tensions between domestic space and ...Read more

"Latent Cities, Possible Worlds"

By: Vibok Works26/09/2013"Latent Cities, Possible Worlds" Call for Short Stories
Tags: WorksPhoto: © Ábrete Séneca
The creative studio Vibok Works in collaboration with the citizen group Ábrete Séneca convenes the Short Story Competition "Latent Cities, Possible Worlds". This initiative is part of a broader editorial action, which aims to promote, through the edition of a book, the reflection on the ...Read more

Vibok Works collaborates in the book Diagonal Verda

By: Vibok Works04/09/2013Vibok Works collaborates in the book Diagonal Verda
We want to share with you one of our recent collaborations with educational projects, the publishing works done for the book DIAGONAL VERDA, edited by ESARQ-UIC. The book covers the work held during the academic year 2012-2013 in the project workshops of students from the ...Read more

Windy Colors

By: Paula Álvarez07/02/2013Windy Colors
Tags: WorksPhoto: Imagen: Paula Álvarez
We are happy to open Missbehave Diary with a snapshot that brings me lots of good memories. I took this pic  at a cafe last September in Madrid during my second meeting with Simona Rota. It was our first live work session and we had ...Read more

Book-a features in the local press today!

By: Vibok Works24/01/2013Book-a features in the local press today!
Tags: WorksPhoto: Book-a en el Diario de Sevilla.
We are very happy because Book-a has been featured in color and full page in the local press. The new highlights the innovative model that combines crowdfunding and subscriptions. It also mentions the fact that the library we are creating grows from zero thanks to ...Read more