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Vibok Works

Art, architecture, research and edition.

Founder and header: Paula V. Álvarez. Collaborators: Alberto Vilches, Teresa Jiménez, Francisco Cruz.


Vibok Works is an independent editorial practice devoted to promoting critical thinking and discussions on architecture and the built environment through books, exhibitions, installations, debates, and other publishing formats and editing projects.

Our works are experimental projects that fuse publishing, action and research. We are interested in a) promoting transdisciplinar knowledge on the environments we inhabit, by and beyond printed matter; b) generating collaborative infrastructures and experiences shared by authors, editors and readers; c) reappraising and undercovering the work behind publications, often enormously opaque; d) exploring editing as a collaborative way of altering reality and formats as critical and transformative devices; e) testing the spatial, social, economic, aesthetic and political conditions for editing and publishing within the context of new media's prominence f) exploring media spaces as inhabited environments g) promoting and improving architectural quality.

In parallel with our editorial practice, our main research interest is exploring how the contemporary practice of "editing" can enlighten the present transformation of the field of architecture as a metadiscipline. Is it possible to suggest that contemporary "editing practices" could inspire new ways of acting across the different strati where diverse disciplines are rooted? Perhaps it might be thought of as a mechanism for intersecting interconnected technologies upon which vital micro-spaces are modeled? Might edition be thought of as a way of engaging with existing positive edges of creation so as to enable more sustainable patterns for architecture? In what conditions and to what extent could edition act as a disruptive mechanism for producing new forms of architectural détournement?  


Stop thinking about art works as objects,

and start thinking about them as triggers for experiences.

—Brian Eno (reloaded).



Vibok Works

Edition and publishing. Cultural production. Editorial services.

C/ Dinastía Músicos Palatín, P9 4ºC · 41008 SEVILLA · Spain
Tel. +34 954 316 348 ·

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