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Collective Architectures Ebook

Trucks, Containers, Collectives / Recetas Urbanas / Santiago Cirugeda et al.

BOOKVibok Works, 2012.

This book is dedicated to an initiative by architect (Recetas Urbanas) which has involved dozens of collectives to transform obsolete cargos into self-managed cultural spaces. What begins as a kind of guerrilla having the Spanish peninsula as its battleground leads to an international cooperation network.

Santiago Cirugeda Parejo is Architect and artist. Since 1996, he has exerted critical practices, demanding that the rules governing city planning undergo an urgent revision. In 2004, he founded the architecture studio Recetas Urbanas, carrying out numerous occupation projects, prosthesis and opening-up of spaces to the public. Along with this labor, Santiago is a teacher and a consultant for urban projects in various countries around the world.

Vibok Works has been awarded with FAD Thought & Criticism 2011 Prize for the book Collective Architectures.