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Collective Geographies

C. Geographies

A crosszine roaming around in streaming.

Paula Álvarez, Francisco Cruz, Alejandro González & Sergio Moreno.Vibok Works &, 2012.

C. Geographies is a collaborative project dedicated to exploring the management and shared production methods of our environments. This collective publication circulates among various interfaces, thus taking on multiple identities. 

C. Geographies is an itinerant fanzine, transversal and “encroaching”, initiated by Vibok Works to guide experiences and works from various thinkers, authors and collectives to already open dissemination channels. Collective Geographies is also a visualisation software that can explore and follow in real time contents, people, places, experiences and ideas that come together to create this “crosszine”. However, most importantly, C. Geographies is the network of collaborators, knowledge and resources that are woven together as the project progresses. 

This project revives and resumes the questions raised in the book Collective Architectures, published by Vibok Works in 2010, whose pages unite desires, adventures and questions from dozens of activists and thinkers, critical of the standard procedures and policies in planning and managing living spaces. Collective Architectures was intended as a book “inaugurated in construction”: An incomplete and open book striving to be “rewritten” and achieve continuous growth even after being printed. C. Geographies is the means and the form designed to resume the project of adding new voices, ideas, agents and disciplines to that which started out as a book.

The crosszine will be released in 2013 with three thematic itineraries: Controversies, Resources and Tools and six numbers developed by the collectives selected in the call for expansion of Collective Architectures: Repensar Bon Pastor (Barcelona), Medio Mundo Arquitectos (Seville), Arquitectura Expandida (Medellín), La Matraka (Seville) + Encajes Urbanos (Valencia), HipoTesis (Madrid), Recetas Urbanas (Seville), Orizzontale (Rome).

The publication of C. Geographies follows the publishing protocol "Rewrite this book" conceived by Paula Álvarez and under license CC-BY-NC-ND 3.0. Its contents will be published under an identical license and will be available for free on the web. The software and design for mapping Collective Geographies, developed in open code by Sergio Moreno and Alejandro González (, will offer others the possibility to map product-processes “in the making”. 



Concept: Paula Álvarez
Colaborators: Francisco Cruz, Alejandro González y Sergio Moreno
Development: Vibok Works &
Editorial Management: Vibok Works
Programming and software:
Graphic Design and images:
Coordinators and Strategic Management: Vibok Works
Comunication: Vibok Works &