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Interactive Geographies

Productive Landscapes in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona

COLLABORATIONSuperior Technical School of Architecture ESARQ-UIC. TFG 2013/14.

This book collects the end of grade works of Superior Technical School of Architecture ESARQ-UIC's students in the academic year of 2013/2014. A set of 31 projects divided into three academic groups with the aim of transforming the Montcada i Reixac area. Projects have been directed by the architects and teachers Miquel Lacasta, Juan Trias de Bes y Alberto T. Estévez, with teachers of technical areas and thanks to the collaboration of several technician of Public Administration. 

Historically, Montcada i Reixac has been a sacrificial anode for the high demographic pressure, intense exchange of goods and other needs of an urban mass as large as the continuum of municipalities that make up the first urban periphery around Barcelona. Works focus on a new approach to the 21st-century metropolitan city, it is both necessary and appropriate to review this enclave in terms of its strategic geographical position. To compensate for the historical imbalance, with the urban project for the municipality of Barcelona now complete, the Final Projects in the 2013/2014 course took as its framework of study the Montcada-Trinitat sector as a focus for work that set out to revalue underappreciated parts of the territory

Realizing that this condition of obligatory entry to the metropolis is also the strong point for recovering the territory, the course workshops ("Montcada Vortex", "Catalysts" y "Breeds of Buildings") explore the possibility of Montcada i Reixac, as well as being a gateway, finding its own identity in keeping with its geographical logic. 


ISBN: 978-84-941464-3-5
Launch: 21 July 2014
Format: 17x24cm
Number of pages: 176
Images: color y b/n
Language: english

Publish: Superior Technical School of Architecture ESARQ-UIC.
Editors: Pere Vall, Álvaro Cuéllar, María Barcina, Alberto T. Estévez, Marta García Orte, Miquel Lacasta, Juan trias de Bes.
Editing concept: Paula V. Álvarez.
Graphic Design, Editorial Design and Production Management: Vibok Works.
Editorial Assistant: Jose María Méndez.
Translation: Elaine Fradley.