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Passable Orographies

Aranea / Leiva Notebooks.

Grupo Aranea.Vibok Works, 2013.

Grupo Aranea can be described as a multidisciplinary team that organises and carries out a variety of interventions all over the country. Founded in 1998 by architect and artist Francisco Leiva Ivorra and landscape agronomist Marta García Chico, the study has gone through various stages, relying on the involvement of a range of professionals from ecologists to sociologists. Its main motivation is to integrate various disciplines and cultural spheres by creatively and transversely challenging architectonic and professional problems associated to intervention in landscape.

As the team itself asserts, their method consists of “starting each project with a trip and a notebook. You must learn about the specific context, take possession of it, internalise it and understand how it works while observing its marks, the hidden mechanism from which a project may spring forth. At the same time, you must not be judgemental and have an open and selective mind in order to detect the basis upon which to construct the initial outline that will contain the first lines of future projects.”

Therefore, for Grupo Aranea, architecture is inseparable from intervention in territory and landscape. This is demonstrated by the handling of different scales and is backed by a personal creative and intuitive approach rooted in ideas that can be felt, taking on that which is subjective and contingent (with all its wealth and limitations) as opposed to that which is objective. It is thus a “place where main decisions are made, where the essence of the proposal takes shape and is guided towards the most natural response by an intuition impregnated with a sensible reading into the context, as a means for transcribing one’s will on paper.”

Grupo Aranea defines its thirteen year trajectory as a process in which various tests have been performed in order to give rise to a singular work methodology where ideas are felt, decisions are permeable and intuition is shared.

Editor: Ricardo Devesa
Publisher: Vibok Works, AFFINIS collection
Date of publication: 30 | 03 | 2013
ISBN: 978-84-939058-8-0
Pages: 208
Size: 16,5x24 cm (width·high)
Illustrations: Color
Language: Spanish/English

Limited Edition of 360 copies