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Questioning the Boundaries of the 21st Century Barcelona

COLLABORATIONUIC Barcelona School of Architecture. TFG 2015/16.

This book collects the Final projects of UIC Barcelona School of Architecture's students in the academic year of 2015/2016. A set of 31 projects divided into three academic groups with the aim of transforming the peri-urban spaces in the metropolitan region of Barcelona. Projects have been directed by the architects and teachers Miquel Lacasta, Rosa Rull and Alberto T. Estévez. The book includes texts by Alvaro Cuellar & Pere Vall, Eva Prats and Carlos Pereda. 

The R_Urban Hub project produced by the UIC Barcelona School of Architecture presents a critical stance on the regeneration of peri-urban spaces in the metropolitan region of Barcelona, relegated to the status of service spaces for the central city. Transformation of these spaces into places with their own identity calls for the renovation of conventional methodological and conceptual frameworks of architectural practice. This catalogue of Final Year Projects aims to be a useful contribution to this end.

ISBN: 978-84-941464-6-6
Launch: 21 July 2016
Format: 17x24cm
Number of pages: 184
Images: color y b/n
Language: English

Publish: Superior Technical School of Architecture ESARQ-UIC.
Editors: Pere Vall, Álvaro Cuéllar, Rosa Rull, Alberto T. Estévez, Marta García Orte, Miquel Lacasta, Juan trias de Bes, Carlos Pereda, Eva Prats.
Editing concept: Paula V. Álvarez.
Graphic Design, Editorial Design and Production Management: Vibok Works.
Translation: Elaine Fradley.