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Rewrite this Book Series

Rewrite this Book Series

Practices, thoughts and actions.

ARCHIZINE + EDITORIAL ACTIONS.Vibok Works, since 2010.

Rewritethisbook is a digitalanalogic archizine dedicated to recording and discussing cooperative forms of management and regeneration of the built environment. Every issue is dedicated to a particular experience, with a wide geographical focus and special attention to Andalusia. Rwtb continues the indagation of "Collective Architectures" (a book on DIY architecture and critical spatial practices) adding new experiences, voices and topics to the initial archive. The name "rewrites this book" seeks to capture the commitment with the long term and the will of updating and improving the series. 


Rewritethisbook gives a special attention to the logics of commoning as a key to producing sustainable urban environments. We are interested in topics such as the dynamization of public urban spaces, the recycling of derelict or abandoned buildings, the regeneration of cultural heritage through social use, or the cooperative management of collective housing. The increasing number of initiatives exploring these paths along the last decades had in Andalusia a pioneering but still unknown focal point. The increasing interest they are waking up in the international community, particularly after the crisis of the urban development models partially responsible for the financial decline, is an indicator of the importance of publishing and creating public for this route of work. 


Every issue of Rewritethisbook is constructed in three phases: after publishing a first digital and free edition we develop a public action to sociabilize the publication and continue the discussion. Finally, a printed edition is published, including contents generated in this intermedium stadium. This publishing process seeks to give voice to people around the experience, beyond the makers' core that directly inform the publication. It turnos the edition process into a place itself, a shared space beyond the limits of the pages, and a tool to discover and engage with new audiences.



rwtb 01 | 'La Casa del Pumarejo' V.V.A.A.
Editorial Action: Call for pics / Vibok Works

rwtb 02 | 'Disobedience'. HipoTesis.
Editorial Action: Loud Thoughts / Vibok Works and Antropoloops.

rwtb 03| 'Latent Cities, Possible Worlds'. Ábrete Seneca.
Editorial Action: Call fos Short Stories / Vibok Works.

rwtb 04 | 'Hello FabMóvil!'. EhcoFab.
Editorial Action: Feedback - Photocall / Vibok Works


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